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    Get exception event properties for add them in an error e-mail


      I made a process with Workbench ES that uses a GeneratePDFService service (CreatePDF operation) which convert TIFF files into PDF files.

      I've used an exception event to handle each exception that can be caught : SystemException, ConversionException, InvalidParameterException and FileFormatNotSupportedException.

      I have configured each exception event as following :

      - No filter
      - Callback - Process Data Map :
      /process_data/@exceptionName = /Exception/FaultName
      /process_data/@exceptionSource = /Exception/FaultSource
      /process_data/@exceptionMessage = /Exception/FaultMessage

      Where exceptionName, exceptionSource and exceptionMessage are process string variables (not input, output or required variables).

      I have linked an EmailService service (Send With Document operation) on Exception events output and have used these variables in my body e-mail content as following :

      Exception : {$ /process_data/@exceptionName $}
      Exception source : {$ /process_data/@exceptionSource $}
      Exception message : {$ /process_data/@exceptionMessage $}

      So the problem is that there is blank instead of my variable value in my e-mail !

      Can somebody help me to solve this issue? Thanks