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    process variable string into filename at Save service


      Does anyone know how to put a string into the Pathname Pattern (Template) property of a Save service (FileUtilsService - Write Document) ?

      What I'm trying to do is strip the /'s out of a date string and put that date into a filename. For example, 042208_Greg.pdf

      Instead I get d:\WMS\C0419\04\22\08\_Greg.pdf
      I want: d:\WMS\C0419\042208_Greg.pdf

      I have a Set Value service putting a form submit date (MM/DD/YY format) into a process variable called @stringDate. I am stripping /'s out of the date and setting @stringDate like so: /process_data/@stringDate <--- concat(substring(/process_data/xfaform/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/C0419/Approvers/Init iator/Date,1,2),substring(/process_data/xfaform/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/C0419/Approv ers/Initiator/Date,4,5),substring(/process_data/xfaform/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/C041 9/Approvers/Initiator/Date,7,8))

      At the Save file service, I am using @stringDate in my Pathname Pattern (Template) to create the filename: d:\WMS\C0419\{/process_data/@stringDate}_{$/process_data/xfaform/object/data/xdp/datasets /data/C0419/Approvers/Initiator/CompletedBy/Name$}.pdf


      Needham, MA