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    Render form and assign it to user


      i've got a problem with a process which should be quite easy to design but isn't in fact. I use a pdf as input variable stored in a xfaform process variable. The user enters the information and then I take the data and call a forms rendering, which renders the data with a xdp. And now I want to take the rendered pdf and assign it to a user so that he can accept or decline or change something. The xdp has got a different layout than the first pdf. I assign the output of forms (type document) to a user and everything works fine but the user is not able to submit this pdf after he checked 'accept' for example. So I am not able to process the result of the second pdf. Please help me ;-)


      EDIT: when the task is assigned to the user, this user is able to view the form. He can fill out the fields but when I try to click the complete button nothing happens. I use not the Forms render service but the samples Render PDF Form service