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    Setting field values between forms

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      I've got something rather strange going on in a workflow.  I have two forms that have various fields that users fill in.  The first user task in my workflow uses form1.  Once submitted I am getting 5 values from 5 different fields on this form1, and setting them to fields in form2 through a set values QPAC.  The second user task allows the user to edit fields, and approve or reject form2.  If rejected I loop back to the first user task in my workflow, and pass the field values back from form2 to form1 through a set value QPAC.  None of my fields are part of a repeating subform, and I have no scripts that would overwrite values.  The odd thing is that the following happens:<br />If the 5 fields in form2 are modified, and the form is rejected, all of the fields' values are passed from form2 to form1 without any problems, except for the last field.  This field is passing xml for the value and not what the user entered/modified.  I have set up various loggers, and watched process variables at various stages in my workflow monitoring these fields, and can see this happening, but can't figure out why.  All of these 5 fields are set up identically so it seems like if one has this problem so should the rest.  The xml value that ends up being set for this field is:<br /><br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br /><CC5><br />    <CC5/><br /></CC5><br /><br />Where CC5 is the name of the textfield object.  The other four fields are passing their entered values just fine.  Neither form is set to allow for caching of form data, and both forms are set to render as dynamic for version reader 8.  I've set the values of fields from one form to another hundreds of times, and can't see why I'm getting these results.  Any help is greatly appreciated.