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    Initial User Selection and Xpath

    (jerome_dinnat) Level 1

      I try to select an initial user by Xpath expression.
      I have a form with a field name binding with commonname from the edcprincipalentity table, a field userid binding with id from the same table.
      I have in my process variables username (Type string)and userid (Type string) and i try to map them with my fields but they are still empty.
      I try to send a form fill by a user to a user specify in the form by fill the xpath expression in initial user selection with :
      - /process_data/@iduser (doesn't work)
      - /process_data/@username (does'nt work)
      (does'nt work)
      - /process_data/InitForm/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/RECORDS/RECORD/id (doesn't work)

      Thank you for helping me.

      Sorry for my English.