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    Help with renderPDFForm service URL Options

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      Hi,<br /><br />I have a process which needs to generate a new PDF file based on the <br />originally submitted PDF, and assign it to a user.  I'm using workspace, <br />so I'm using the renderPDFForm service and the FormAugmenterService.<br />Everything looks like it is working as the PDF is assigned to the user<br />and displays correctly in workspace.  My problem is the submit buttons<br />don't work.  I get a javascript exception stating "Operation Failed".<br /><br />After some trial and error, I'm able to get the submit buttons functioning<br />by setting the URL Option - Target URL property in renderPDFForm to: <br /><br />"http://<my ip address>:<my port>/workspace-server/submit"<br /><br />The documentation says this is the default value, but it doesn't seem to<br />work unless I explicitly set it.<br /><br />My question is how to get this value without having to hard code it. <br />I can see that when I configure the renderer for my original input <br />form I set the targetURL to "Custom Configuration -> targetUrl"<br />but I don't know how to access "Custom Configuration" from within<br />my process.<br /><br />Any help would be greatly appreciated...<br /><br />Thanks.