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      I want to do a simple POC (proof of concept), which invovles invoking a simple form using the Java api.

      Do I need to set up a process in workbench ES or does the form just need to be located in the LiveCycle ES server's repository?

      I need to access the form programatically via EJB.

      Thanks in advance

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          It depends what you want to do.

          LiveCycle is essentially a collections of services that can be invoke using different mechanism; EJB being one of them.

          If you setup a new process, you create a new service you can invoke. All the steps in that process are in fact other services you call using the Workbench tool.

          If your goal is just to get a form from the repository, you can use the already existing Repository service (see javadoc for more detail). The Repository Service will give you access to the repository.

          If you wanted to get the PDF from the repository and merge data with it, then you could build a process that does the two steps and then call it using the API.

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            alukyro Level 1
            Thanks Jasmin for your QUICK reply :)

            Let me be more specific about what I want to do.

            First I want to invoke the form via Java / EJB.
            - (User sees Form in browser where name can be entered and submitted)

            Secondly when the user click submit, the name is saved in a db and returned again to the form (populates the form)

            What I'm confused about is the process-concept.

            So far I have uploaded my form in the Workbench ES and know that I now need to specify a service, link it to my form, and activate it. The service activation creates my endpoints as far as I've understood.
            But the process-diagram, which components are needed, has me confused.

            Most of the examples I've found evovles mostly around forms used in Workspace ES only.

            Hope I make some sense, and please let me know if I can clairfy further.

            Kind regards

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              is your problem solved?
              if not may be I can try to help you
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                alukyro Level 1
                Hi, thanks for the follow up.

                No, my problem isn't solved yet.

                Basically what I want to do is invoke/show a simple pdf form in a browser using the webservice api. What I've managed to do so far is create the form and deploy/activate in the workbench. This means I now have a wsdl file so I can create my stubs. The stubs however, don't have near as many methods (like renderPDFForm) as the tutorial I am following.

                So to cut the story short; my real problem is creating a proper process in the workbench containing the correct amount af steps and services. As I have understood, the wsdl file are buildt from this process.

                Which process/service is needed if I just want to show my form in a browser as a pdf and are there any special configurations I need to be aware of in this process?

                Any help is much appreciated.

                Kind regards

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                  Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
                  If you just want to read the PDF from the repository, and then return it, you can just use the ReadRessource operation in your process (under Foundation/Repository).

                  If you you store an XDP, then you can use RenderPDFForm (under Forms).

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                    alukyro Level 1

                    For the last option:

                    Would I just need the RenderPDFForm service? What about variables? So far I have created an xfaForm variable. I supply this variable under "The Form to render" in the RenderPDFForm service. Is this correct?

                    Kind Regards

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                      Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
                      The "Form to render" parameter takes a string that represents the location of the xdp template in the repository e.g. /myForms/MyTempalte.xdp.

                      Don't use an xfaForm variable for that parameter.