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    Right to left


      I have an original SAP interactive document which I need to tranlate into Hebrew. Hebrew is read right to left. Is there a way for me to do it quickly? Would it be preferrable if I start desigining the document from scratch?
      One of the problem I see is with hidden fields (text boxes) which are referenced by text fields. As far as I understand this is done by javascript. How do I go around with scripting in this contexrt?

      Any suggestion will be appreciated

      Yuval Peery
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          HowardTreisman Level 1
          Hi Yuval
          I suggest you re-post in the Designer forum.
          It's very difficult to know whether you should try to modify, or start from scratch. A lot depends on the complexity of the layout, and the complexity of the business rules.
          Sorry, very difficult to answer you question without analysis of your form.