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    Process not passing all the info in form to next user

      Hi all, I have a two part question regarding my LC workflow

      1) I guess the simpler on is that I have a few drop downs on my form where the value is different from the display for each item on my frop downs. The problem i'm having is that when i pass the form to the next user in my process, the display name in the form changes to the value. For example if the initiator sees a dropdown of User names with the id's assigned as the values, and selects one, the next user in the process will see the value rather than the display name on the form.

      2) my second problem is that any dynamic tables that the users use get reset to the original size when passed to the next person in the process. I have a dynamic table on my form that starts off with a single row, but the initiator can add rows. But when they do and submit it to the next user, the table resets to 1 row.

      I'm using an xfaForm variable to capture the data, and its capturing all the data correctly (i'm using the logger to output whats stored in there). From the xml data i can see why my first problem is happening, but i don't know how to fix it. Should I be using a Document form variable instead? if so, does the default renderer work with it, because i seem to be getting an error. Any help would be appreciated.