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    What Am I Missing?

      Hey everybody...I don't know what it is, but in Version 8 which I just upgraded from (to CS4)...I would be able to see the font, size, color and everything else when I highlighted HTML in my code. Now, for some reason, the properties box on the bottom doesn't show anything. I constantly have to go to the format drop down on the top and change fonts, sizes, borders etc. that way.

      Can someone please tell me where the setting is so that this always stays open. I have tried everything...clicking around, on, above and can't get it to work.


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          avibodha Level 1
          Yes, took me a little while to find this too....on the Properties panel on the bottom, look to the left and you'll see two buttons, one is "<> HTML" and the other is "CSS". Click the CSS and you can edit those things.