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    Help With Basic connection

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      Can anyone tell me the basic connectivity with LiveCycle WorkBench,Workspace and adminui. I am new to this software and trying to get the basics clear so i can understand it correctly and deploy my processes through it
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          pguerett Level 6
          Workbench is a client Java app that needs to be configured to talk via soap to servername:portnumber.

          Workspace is a web app that woudl be connected on the following URL:


          Adminui is a web app that needs a browser to connect to the URL:


          If you are using the JBoss turnkey install then the port will be 8080.
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            Hey Thanks a lot for the reply
            I also wanted to know like now i have a deploy a small process like just creating a pdf form and sending it to one user. in a process how are these three apps connected. I know we need to define user and groups and roles in adminui right?
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              pguerett Level 6
              Yes but you need to create a Task Manager end point to allow the user to start the process. Your best bet is to look at the tutorial that exists on the web site. It will walk you through setting up your 1st app and explain all of the pieces you need.