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    Workflow is broken after applying Service Pack 2

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      Hi,<br /><br />I have a form with a lot of drop down list boxes that I prepopulate with<br />data in a customer renderer.  After applying service pack 2, my drop down<br />lists are all empty.  The problem seems to be the way XML is handling with<br />service pack 2 applied.  I'm using the JDBC Query for Multiple Rows as XML<br />service to gather the data, then the Set Value service to insert all the <br />results into my data schema.  For example, my schema has an element called<br /><users>.  My JDBC query produces XML of the form<br /><br /><userlist><br />  <user><br />    <id>user1</id><br />    <name>First User</name><br />  </user><br />  <user><br />    <id>user2</id><br />    <name>Second User</name><br />  </user><br /></userlist><br /><br />I have a Set Value expression of:<br /><br />/process_data/xmldata/users   =   /process_data/userQueryResult<br /><br />where userQueryResult is the <userlist> xml data shown above,<br />and xmldata is an XML variable representing my form data.<br /><br />Before applying service pack 2, I ended up with the following:<br /><br /><myform><br />  <users><br />    <userlist><br />      <user><br />        .<br />        .<br />        .<br />       </user><br />    </userlist><br />  </users><br /></myform><br /><br />However, after applying service pack 2, I end up with:<br /><br /><myform><br />  <users><br />    <user><br />      .<br />      .<br />      .<br />     </user><br />  </users><br /></myform><br /><br />The <userlist> element doesn't show up anymore.<br /><br />Has anyone else experienced this?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong that<br />just happened do work pre service pack 2? Not sure why the behavior <br />changed, but I guess I now have a bunch of forms that I need to update.<br /><br />Any help would be appreciated....Thanks.