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    Compare String

    (jerome_dinnat) Level 1

      I want to compare strings in a route condition.

      I have two strings /process_data/@string1 and /process_data/@string2

      I fill the box of the properties route conditions like that :

      /process_data/@string1 = /process_data/@string2

      I try many other ways but it doesn't work so I think I'm wrong

      I use a variable logger in the process with the strings length and the strings :

      string1 :

      /process_data/@tailleCourrant - java.lang.Integer: 10
      /process_data/@nplusunEnCours - String: AALBERTEAU

      string2 :

      /process_data/@tailleEntree - java.lang.Integer: 10
      /process_data/@nplusUnEntree - String: AALBERTEAU

      The only difference I see is the blank before the strings but I can't erase them and the length are the same so I think there is no matter of that.

      Edit : I try this in condition :

      "test" = "test" and It works fine so I suppose my two string are different but I know there are the same and the logger say that. I don't understand the spaces before the string. I try normalize-space but It doesn't work to.