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    get file

      I have to do this: person in workspace start process with finding some jpg file. He will browse local disc and find it. then I save it(in workbench) as a document variable. Is it posible? and how to creat it??
      Thanks for reply.
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          pguerett Level 6
          Yes it is possible. In workspace you can enable attachments (not part of the form but as a separate envelope that is part of the task)that your user can add the jpg to the task. When the submission occurs it is simple to get the attachments from the task and use them in your process.
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            HowardTreisman Level 1
            You will still need to create a PDF as the "form". All this form needs is some text with instructions on what to do, and a Submit button.
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              Thanks for your replies
              I don´t know which of components I have to use to create process with attachment. Can you tell me which component?
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                pguerett Level 6
                In the User task (under process management) you can control the presence of the envelope.
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                  And if I need user will find file by himself? I need this: user will find jpg file in workspace, and I will read his barcode. barcode I have finished, but I can´t find something how to process, where user find jpg file by some space browser. And the secon problem is that, we havent much time to create this proces. If somebody can help us how to do this browser step by step it will be realy helpful for us.
                  Thanks for your idea.
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                    pguerett Level 6
                    In the User Task under the Attachments and Notes section of the Properties page there is a check box that will "show attachment window for this task". Check this box and in the Work space when the user opens the task there will be an additional tab for the attachments. The user can click on this tab and interact with tehir local system to add an attachment. If this is the 1st step in a process then that setting is part of the task manager end point UI.