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    WorkBench 8.2 on ES 8.0

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      If I upgrade my WorkBench to 8.2 (Update-1),
      will I still be able to use it to fully access an 8.0 ES server?

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          I believe it will work fine, but some functionality will not be available, of course because of LC not being version 8.2.
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            well, following your belief, I installed 8.2 WorkBench,
            but when I tried to connect to an 8.0 server,
            it popped up an error message:

            this version of WorkBench is incompatible with server !!!!!!!!


            so you can't have 8.0 and 8.2 servers in the same company?!
            there's no backward compatibility?!?!
            that's very inconvenient....
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              That was a bit unexpected. However, we are running both ES 8.0 and 8.2, and I have both versions of workbench installed on my computer, so you can have both versions. I should have told this earlier. Anyway, I hope you will be able to install workbench 8.0 again, in addition to workbench 8.2.
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                Hi, I got a new problem...

                this is what has happened:
                1. I deinstalled 8.0 WorkBench
                2. installed 8.2 WorkBench
                3. discovered 8.2 WorkBench couldn't access 8.0 server (see above)

                4. so I deinstalled 8.2 WorkBench
                5. reinstalled 8.0 WorkBench
                6. but it now gives me an error message saying,
                either my Configuration (server name, port) is wrong
                or my ID/password is wrong,
                or the server is not running.

                I checked everything, couldn't see anything wrong.
                I can login to WorkSpace and AdminUI,
                server is running fine, no error in server log whatsoever.

                How do I revive my WorkBench? please advise.

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                  Sorry, I don't have any answer to this at the moment. I will let you know if I find something. You could ask Adobe support.