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    Problems day 3 (excercise 9) Using Remote Object to send data to the server

      I have many problems with this exercise.
      pdf file step 5 Unzip adobeODTServer.zip to C:\lcds\jrun4\servers\default.
      path jrun4\servers\default does not exist

      pdf file step 6. Select Start > All Programs > Adobe > LiveCycle Data Services 2.51 ES > Start Integrated LiveCycle Data Services ES Server.

      my pc shows these options: Start > All Programs > Adobe > LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 ES > [readme.html][uninstall][sample database]

      so when i run url: http://localhost:8700/odt the browser shows an alert message "the server is not found"

      Then I try with ColdFusion version but pdf file step 4. Unzip ex9_CF.zip to a convenient location (referred to as <zipfolder> below).
      Where is the zip file? (ex9_CF.zip)

      I hope you can help me