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    Java Script in form

      How to embed a JAvascript in a form?
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          I have this following JavaScript I need to embed it into my form.the script is to capitalize the first letter in the name and address fields.
          How do i embed it into a form

          The Script

          function toUpper(obj) {
          var mystring = obj.value.toLowerCase();

          var sp = mystring.split(' ');
          var wl=0;
          var f ,r;
          var word = new Array();
          for (i = 0 ; i < sp.length ; i ++ ) {
          f = sp[i].substring(0,1).toUpperCase();
          r = sp[i].substring(1);
          word[i] = f+r;
          newstring = word.join(' ');
          obj.value = newstring;
          return true;

          Call the above function for any text item .... onkeyup='toUpper(this)'
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            Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
            Use the Adobe Form Designer and add the script of the appropriate location in the form.