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    Generic Error on Startup

    Ryan Lunka Level 3
      I just installed Workbench ES on my personal laptop to use for developing the project I am on. The install of Acrobat Pro 8.0 (then the 8.1 update) and the install of Workbench including Designer worked fine. When I attempt to run Workbench I receive an error after a few seconds of the splash screen:

      "An error has occured. See the log file C:\Progam Files\Adobe\LiveCycle ES\Workbench ES\Workbench\workspace\.metadata\.log."

      Descriptive, huh. I cannot navigate the that log file because the farthest I can go is C:\Progam Files\Adobe\LiveCycle ES\Workbench ES\Workbench\. Does anyone know what is going on?