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    Enquiry System in Workspace

      Hi all,

      Can I implement a Enquiry System that query database and return some results in Workspace? I tried to do it in search form and assign the results using "AssignTask" back to the creator, but the user will need to check his "To Do" list to retrieve the results. Can the result and search form in the same Form/Task without the user going to the "To Do" list?
      Thank you.
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          You could build a form the users would initiate. That form could call a DB and display the results directly in the same form while it's loaded.

          When they close the form, the result would be gone and when they open it again (still under Initiate), they would have to do the query again.

          The form would never be submitted. It would just be opened and then closed.

          Would that be a viable solution?

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            That's mean the DB connection and query logic are all in the form itself instead of the process? That's acceptable but is there no ways for users to specific the search criteria? And, if the users save the form offline, will he be able to query as well? That may lead to the security issues.

            Thank you.
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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
              If you don't want to submit the form, then you have no choice of putting all the logic in the form, because you're not using the back end anymore.

              You basically use the form as an application.

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                I guess there are no other ways then.
                Thank you.
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                  HowardTreisman Level 1
                  There is another way. Similar to Jasmin's suggestion, but instead of prepopulating the data into the form, get the form to invoke a web service. You can pass parameters to the web service to determine what search you want to do, and can parse the results, and populate a table (or whatever) in the form.

                  You can write the web service itself using whatever tools you like, including (my personal preference:-) a livecycle orchestration - so all the connection and query logic are in the backend, not the form - the form just does the user interface.

                  We do this all the time in many of our forms to retrieve "lookup" data to dynmamically populate dropdowns, etc. If you'd like some assistance getting this set up, email info-at-avoka.com.

                  Another option would be to build a flex application, and embed this into the Workspace as an initial form.