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    WriteDocument Activity problem

      I try to save attachment on disk. In my user activity I save "notes and attachments" in a "list" of document (variable name : ListDocAttachment).
      After I want save this attachments with activity "WriteDocument".
      In "pathname pattern" I have :
      concat('D:/tmp/', getDocAttribute(/process_data/ListDocAttachment[/process_data/@loopVar],"wsfilename"))

      In "document" I have :

      Make Unique: false
      OverWrite: true.

      Before his activity I have a "SetValue" where I raise my "loopVar".

      So, In fact I save all documents on disk but they are the first document's name.
      If I attach 2 documents (d1,d2) LC save d1 and overWrite d1 value with d2 value on d1 name.
      In fact I have one document name d1 with d2 value.
      So, I want d1 and d2.
      Any Idea?