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    Processing encrypted PDF with LC server APIs

      Not sure where to put this topic but this seemed the best place.

      The problem is that we want to secure our PDF files with password (so that users can't open it with Designer) but after the user returns the PDF, we can't process it because it's secured. Normally we could just unsecure the PDF but it is also Reader Extended and I think it messes things up.

      Problem in short:
      Build PDF (from XDP) -> Encrypt PDF -> Reader Extend PDF -> user fills PDF and sends it back -> remove Reader Extend and encryption (we want to create PDF/A and extract XML etc.) -> processing continues..

      The "remove RE and encryption" seems the hardest part. We use LC via Web Service. The Reader Extension seems to go well off from the PDF but after that the EncryptionService throws some error if I try to call removePDFPasswordSecurity or unlockPDFUsingPassword methods (not sure which one is the correct). Any advices?