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    Pre-populating data in XFAForm input variable when invoke process from Workbench

      I am trying to pre-populate the default data for an input XFAForm variable when invoking a process directly from Workbench. The data does appear to get stored in the xfaform variable, but within the process I immediately do a Set Value operation to populate other variables from the xfaform using xpath, and the variables remain null.

      The default xfaform data is in xml format, and was constructed using the instructions in the "Specifying default form data" help page from Workbench.

      When I update the form via Workspace, the pre-populated data does appear, and subsequently the other variables are populated correctly, so I know the XML data and the Set Value operation are both correct.

      would you expect that what I am doing should work, and any ideas why it doesn't?

      thanks in advance