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    Security header required for WSDL for a web service

      Hi,<br /><br />Im using LiveCycle 8.2.2, JBoss, turnkey installation, jdk1.5.0_12.<br /><br />Im invoking a web service that requires security header information to be defined with the soap request.  With the security header information defined, Im able to successfully request data using soapUI, but Im unable to use the same request in LiveCycles web service as the WSDL request fails:<br />  Extracted from JBoss server.log:<br />    2008-09-26 09:57:15,942 WARN  [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: <removed><br /><br />The WSDL request fails because it does not include any security header information.<br /><br />I tried removing the WSDL entry from my LiveCycle web service activity, but that causes a different error:<br />  2008-09-26 09:26:00,457 WARN  [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] java.io.FileNotFoundException: c:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\jboss\bin (Access is denied)<br /><br />So, how can I either:<br />  1. Define security header information for the WSDL, or<br />  2. Invoke a web service without requesting the WSDL?<br /><br />Thanks,<br />James Farrell