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    XML Data Transfering Incorrectly (XDP)

    Ryan Lunka Level 3
      We have a relatively simple workflow that transfers schema data from one form to another. Both forms are XDPs so we simply use a setValue to transfer the data (from form 1 to 2):

      Location: process_data/form2/object/data
      Expression: process_data/form1/object/data

      We are having an issue where form 2 will not populate correctly unless run with Acrobat 9. We have investigated the issue and it seems that when the XML data is being transfered, the dataset somehow doubles. We set up variable loggers to track each of the datasets shown above and each one contains an extra set of nodes. One of those nodesets contains all of the form data and the other is just empty.

      We believe the problem is that unless run in Acrobat 9, the blank set of nodes comes first. Acrobat only tries to read the first set, assuming it contains the form data, and finds none. For whatever reason, in Acrobat 9, the empty nodeset comes second so the form can render with the data.

      Am I incorrect in thinking that the empty nodeset should not be there? Assuming that, I have determined that the problem either has to be how we are transfering the data from XDP to XDP or it could be related to the schema binding in form1. Some of the form1 data is bound directly from the form and some from fragments used in the form, but I can't seem to find any mistakes with the bindings.

      Does anyone have any feedback or ideas on how to solve this? We are on a tight time budget so quick feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!