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    Difference between Job and Process

      Hi @ all

      I try to understand how processes are handled by LC. I found in the database the 2 tables tb_job_instance and tb_process_instance. I also figured out, that every call to a process made in the workbench gets an entry in the tb_process_instance, but not all the times in tb_job_instance. I was not able to figure out a rule under which circumstances an entry in the tb_job_instance is generated and when not. So i wonder; what is the difference between a job and a process??

      I also recognised that the JobManager (com.adobe.idp.jobmanager.client.JobManager) is available from inside a LC component (that means from inside the AppServer), but the ProcessManager (com.adobe.idp.workflow.client. ProcessManager) not. The ProcessManager library seems to be available from client side only. Why? Isn't it possible to terminate processes from inside a component?

      Hope to get some help here!

      Greez Simon