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    Passing parameters to WSDL data connection (LiveCycle Process)


      I will start with a brief explanation of what I'm trying to do first and then explain my difficulties.

      I have a main form that is based on a main xsd schema and displayed to the user as a form guide. I have created a wsdl data connection on this form in which I will use to invoke another LiveCycle process called "Print".

      The Print LiveCycle service has 3 inputs:

      1. IPAddress as string (I am aware there are problems in accessing the clients IP and am looking for a way to access it still)

      2. OutputForm as string (There are three types of forms the user can print based on the data entered on the form guide so based on a dropdown list I can determine this value ... no problems there!!)

      3. XmlData as xml (The 3 forms that can be printed are all based on the same xsd, so I was wondering if I can take the xml based on what the user has entered on screen, I'm guessing its something like /process_data/..., and pass this xml as an input from the main form's invoke of the Print service??


      When I create the wsdl data connection using the following url:
      http:// :/soap/services/Print?wsdl

      It creates correctly and gives me an invokeRequest, invokeResponse and an invoke button. What I'd like to do is add a button to the form guide (possibly the invoke button if thats correct) that invokes the Print process with the correct parameters.

      The part I'm struggling with is how to pass the parameters?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.