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    Routes on initial form

    Steve Bishop Level 2
      I know how to have multiple buttons/routes on a form served up within the workflow, but how do I have two on the form when pulled up by the originator?
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          pguerett Level 6
          The originator has a single start point so there is no multiple route selection. You could have the 1st task in your workflow as a decision point and choose a route based on some data but you cannot have more than one start point.
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            Steve Bishop Level 2
            Is there a way to add a button that appears in the Flex interface next to the complete button rather than the Form itself without editing workspace? I can then drive off data from that button click.

            The reason I am trying to do this is the application I am replacing which uses FileNet Workflow allows saving the form without actually launching the workflow. The users do not want to lose that functionality. With the LiveCycle Workflow, at later steps, I just added a route called 'Save' back to the same step. So it just puts it back into his/her queue. I wanted to do the same for the originator where it would launch then assign the item back to the originator for revisions before continuing on.
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              pguerett Level 6
              There is a save offline icon (bottom left) already there ...will that do the trick?
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                Steve Bishop Level 2
                That functionality is useful, just not similar to the way the application being replaced works. Some of the later steps are assigned to groups so looping back to the same step for save routes to the group. This is the desired functionality as it allows anyone in the group to finish the work started by someone else. I would like the functionality for the originator and later participants to be as similar as possible.

                I am guessing the buttons in Workspace are related to the Inject Form Bridge step in the default render. I am also guessing /process_data/@buttonName in the default submit is related and might be utilized.