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    Process Data Creator ID not working

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      Hi All (and Paul)
      I want to send an email to the process creator when a request has been approved. The best way to do this, it seems, is to use the "EmailService - Send with Document" activity. In the to field, I do not have the option of process creator, so I need to find that value and insert. I did the following:
      1) used SetValue activity to assign /process_data/creator_id to a variable called strID
      2) used UserManagerLookupService to query for user with strID in Universal ID filter box and assign result-User to a variable called creatorUser.
      3) used SetValue activity to assign /process_data/creatorUser/object/@email to a variable called creatorEmail
      4) used EmailService activity to send email to creatorEmail.

      I recorded and played back my process after attempting and it successfully retrieves a universal ID from the creator_id variable, but the UserManagerLookupService returns null users. I have tried with a couple different end users submitting the form and it always comes up null. Is there something wrong wit creator_id?