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    xfaForm to Document Form

    JoshDBoyle Level 1

      I have posted this before but with no responses. I need a means by which to go from an xfaForm to a Document Form. I realize the underlying differences between the two variable types but I believe there to be a way by which this can be done.

      My reason for needing this ability is so that I can make use of an XFA ease of use throughout the workflow but then present a Document Form for Digital Signature capture and archival to an ECM.
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          aoatak Level 1
          Hi jboyle,
          You can do the following:
          1-Get data from your xfaForm using XPATH expressions and keep the xml data in a document variable
          2-Use Forms' renderPDFFrom operation to merge your form template with data and assign the result to a document variable
          3-set your rendered PDF document to /documentform/object/@document using setValue service
          I hope this works.