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    Generated PDF using assembler is junk

      Hi,<br /><br />I have followed the steps as mentioned in the tutorial and the PDF gets generated for my assembler service, however the PDF content is all junk.<br /><br />For e.g.<br /><br />My ddx is <br /><br />  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <br /> <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/"><br /> <PDF result="result.pdf"><br />  <PDF source="Mozilla.pdf" /> <br />  <PDF source="Demo.pdf" /> <br />  </PDF><br />  </DDX><br /><br />My input document map is correct. The<br /><br />generated output is avaialble in AssemblerREsult object<br /><br /><com.adobe.livecycle.assembler.client.AssemblerResult><br />  <documents><br />    <entry><br />      <string>result.pdf</string><br />      <com.adobe.idp.Document serialization="custom"><br />        <com.adobe.idp.Document><br />          <int>3</int><br />          <boolean>true</boolean><br />          <boolean>false</boolean><br />          <com.adobe.idp.DocumentCacheID><br />            <__documentId>5</__documentId><br />            <__cacheId>146459724275856</__cacheId><br />          </com.adobe.idp.DocumentCacheID><br />          <string></string><br />          <byte-array>JVBERi0xLjU...<br /><br />I retrieve the outDoc document value as '/process_data/assemblerResult/object/documents[@id="result.pdf"]'.<br /><br />The document content is nothing but just encoded strings like 'rO0ABXNyABZjb20uYWRvYmUuaWRwLkRvY3VtZW50yAEFUxsO+CEDACNJAAtfY2FsbGJhY2tJZ<br />FoADV9kZXNlcmlhbGl6ZWRJABBfZGlzcG9zYWxUaW1lb3V0WgAJX2Rpc3Bvc2VkWgAZX2lzRG'.<br />or as i see from my pdf document its just junk.<br /><br />any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          Sentah Level 1
          One more observation I found was that earlier I had done the same and

          the PDF properties shows up as PDF producer to be adobe live cycle pdf generator ES and application is 'null'.

          the junk pdf has the pdf producer as 'adobe PDF library 9.0' and application as 'acrobat pdfmaker 9.0 for word'
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            Sentah Level 1
            This was a simple issue of parameter type mismatch. I had a generic entry process (for re-use) which caters to different operations based on input type. One of the inputs happened to be inputDocumentMap. One subprocess expected the map to be of string subtype. Since i was re-using the same parameter for calling my assembler subprocess it was sending the map of documents as string and not as 'documents'.
            This resulted in the bytearray or stringified PDF content or you can call it us junk :-).

            This is the reason why the word to PDF process was getting called as mentioned in my previous post eventhough both the files were PDF.