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      I used this tool to remove process from my database.

      The process are delete but when I restart Jboss, I have this issue :

      2008-12-04 10:53:07,357 INFO [com.adobe.idp.Document] DOCS505: The document storage default disposal timeout is set to 1200 seconds.
      2008-12-04 10:53:07,357 INFO [com.adobe.idp.Document] DOCS506: The document storage default max inline size is set to 65536 bytes.
      2008-12-04 10:53:07,357 INFO [com.adobe.idp.Document] DOCS508: The global document storage is a network share: true
      2008-12-04 10:53:43,366 ERROR [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor] TransactionRolledbackLocalException in method: public abstract java.lang.Object com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.impl.ejb.adapter.EjbTransactionCMTAdapterLocal.doRequired(c om.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.TransactionDefinition,com.adobe.idp.dsc.transaction.Transacti onCallback) throws com.adobe.idp.dsc.DSCException, causedBy:
      com.adobe.idp.DocumentError: The document pointing to the file "F:\jboss\server\all\svcnative\DocumentStorage\docm1225108502293\8f3c4bcebb71a925ab4e313b 967d730b" has expired. Consider increasing the document disposal timeout.
      at com.adobe.idp.DocumentFileBackend.checkFileExistance(DocumentFileBackend.java:412)
      at com.adobe.idp.DocumentFileBackend.copy(DocumentFileBackend.java:419)
      at com.adobe.idp.Document.passivate(Document.java:1065)
      at com.adobe.idp.Document.passivateGlobally(Document.java:1021)

      I increased the document storage as asked but it changed nothing.

      It's a big problem because it is making other issue next :

      2008-12-04 10:53:43,819 WARN [com.adobe.idp.dsc.registry.service.impl.ServiceRegistryImpl] Head active ServiceConfiguration for service: SfrDirectoryManagerService version: 1.0 is not active as expected. The service was probably Marked INACTIVE due to an error loading the service. Please look at the logs to see if this service was Marked INACTIVE.