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    Embedding fonts

    SiHoop Level 1
      How can I tell if I have embedded a font properly? I've tried two approaches to embedding a font. First, I've placed the font in the assets folder. In my main mxml file I've used:
      @font-face {
      src: url(assets/FUTRFW.TTF);
      fontFamily: demo;
      advancedAntiAliasing: true;
      Second, I've embedded a font in a swf and placed the swf in a fonts folder. In a class file I've used
      [Embed(source='fonts/Futurist Fixed-width.swf', fontName='Futurist Fixed-width', fontWeight='normal')]
      public var Futurist:Class;

      Also, In my mxml file I've used
      var fontList:Object = systemManager.embeddedFontList;
      trace("Fonts list="+ObjectUtil.toString(fontList));
      and the trace tells me that the font is embedded.
      I want to achieve two goals. First, I want to embed the font only once and to do it the best way possible (although I'd be happy to know that both approaches I've used work!) Second, I want to be certain that the fonts are embedded. Although the trace tells me that I've succeeded, if I take the font out of the Windows fonts folder, my text layout is all messed up which leads me to suspect that the fonts is not properly embedded..