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    Accessing mainframe / prepopulating

    Elaine Schmitz Level 1
      Hi, new to livecycle, question if I may:

      I am looking to find an example that I can model in our form. Our form needs to take a "last name" string, for example, and pass that string to a mainframe where our customer data resides. The mainframe should return all of the customers with that last name into a "search" fragment where the client can scroll through 1 or more matches. The client then will select a customer, whose account message will get prepoluated into certain fields.

      I would like to know if there are tutorials or samples from someone who has done this, if there are any. I am thinking that perhaps a web service would need to be invoked? However we may have to depoist the request into MQSeries and retrieve the response. So we are unsure if a soap request is really what's needed in this case or not.

      Thanks to all you experts that can help out a newbie ;-)