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    Events Help

    Ryan Lunka Level 3
      I'm not very familiar with the events you can use in a workflow in Workbench ES. I was wondering if anyone had any good documentation or information explaining how those work. I would assume Adobe has some public documentation out there somewhere.

      Thanks so much!

      Ryan D. Lunka
      Cardinal Solutions Group
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          You can check the following url:

          I think there is also information in the Workbench help.

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            Steve Bishop Level 2
            Some tips from someone who muddled through those docs a bit.

            The events tab to create custom events is not visible in Workbench by default. Under the Window menu: Show View: Events

            If throwing and catching an event within the same map, pass the TaskID and filter on that in the catch if your intent is to not catch events from other instances of the same workflow.

            Example Event Data Template: