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    Email template server name with content switch

    Steve Bishop Level 2
      I have a clustered server with a content switch in front of them. The emails sent by default use the specific server names rather than the name on the content switch. I have not found anything in adminui to set that. I can change the default templates to hard code the correct name. however, I am using custom templates and do not want to alter the map each time I promote to a new environment.

      I was hoping the @@ notation would resolve before xpath which would allow me to use xpath string functions on it. It does not though. The next thing I tried was using the URL below which does open the correct URL. However, that results in warnings by the email client. Any idea on how to either change what @@notification-host@@ returns to the content switch name or a way of scripting the result?

      href="javascript:location='https://forms'+'@@notification-host@@'.substring('@@notificatio n-host@@'.indexOf('.'))+'/workspace/Main.html?taskId=@@taskid@@'"