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    Attach Form to another form

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      I have defined two xfaForm Form1 and Form2 as variables of my process. Process start with task manager endpoint activation. After filling Form1, processis started. At another user task, Form2 is opened to be signed. I want Form2 to hold filled Form1 as an attachment. Form1 is also contains a digital signature (so from previous topic I will change Form1 and Form2'a types to Document Form). How to put Form1 as an attachment to Form2? Also how to put previous attachments of Form1 to Form2?

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          On the second User properties, go under "Attachment and Notes". Under options, you can add attachments from a List variable. The list has to be of sub-type documents so it can contain PDFs.

          Just make sure the list variable contains all the PDF you want to attached for that user, and the user should see them.