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    Web Service Options - Editing SOAP request Options

      I am trying to invoke a Web Service using Adobe LiveCycle ->
      Foundation -> Web Service.
      In the Web Service Options editor, while giving the SOAP request, I
      would want to be able to manipulate the data I send in the SOAP
      For example, I have a input Request XML which is in process_data [and
      which is the incoming request from Flex]. I am reading data from that
      XML and setting it to a corresponding tag in the SOAP request. I want
      to be able to have this feature wherein I dont include a tag at all in
      the SOAP request of I see that the corresponding tag in Request XML is

      So if there is a  tag in Request [empty tag], I dont
      want to include the ContactName tag at all in the SOAP request.
      Meaning, I dont want to send an empty tag or a tag with NULL value. I
      want to delete that tag altogether in the SOAP request.

      Any ideas how I can go about this?