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    Can't invoke an xdp form

    Elaine Schmitz Level 1
      I have an active short-lived process that gets the users's displayName from LDAP(this works properly).

      I used the SoapService url to create a wsdl, then created a form (getLDAPUserForm) where you can enter the user's email, click on the button to invoke the service and populate the displayName in another field.

      To get this form to display in workspace, I had to create a simple process (just the "assign task" operation), and reference the getLDAPUserForm as input for the process.

      The form will not render in workspace (-040 error). It is using the default rendering service. The form is saved as xdp and the process variable representing the form is an xfaForm variable.

      Any suggestions as to why the form won't render? Thank you.