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    background synchronization error

      Suddenly my Workbench on my local machine started working really slow, I mean really slow. Process took forever to open up and the viewing the forms took ever, to open a form for edit was another 4-5 minutes. I have tried reinstalling Workbench no luck, I tried reconfiguring configured servers option during logon but still I get the same slow Workbench. Here is the error I get when opening it up. "The connection to the server has been interrupted. Unsaved modificatinos will be lost unless connectivity can be reestablished. The periodic background synchronization processing is unable to coordinate your local environment with the changes made by other users. Check the Eclipse log file for details." Please help!!!!!!!!!!
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          Okay well eveyrthing on my local machine was running fine, IE, LiveCycle, Admin UI and etc.. all other programs. But Workbench was running realy slow at the end of the troubleshooting my network port was only supplying 10Mbps therefore Workbench was running in slow motion and lossing connect to server, but after changing the port to 100Mbps or 1Gbs Workbench runs perfectly fine.