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    Passing parameters to a workbench process invoked by watched folders

      I am trying to pass values to a workbench process that is invoked by watched folders. What I need to be able to do is at least provide a path (string) to the process so that it knows where to store one of the result files. This value is not always the same and for reasons that I don't want to get into, I don't want to use an "output" variable to send it to the watched folder's "result" folder.

      So, I had the idea of saving the value in a text file with a standard name (same for each call to the process) and my process would look for this file and import the file contents into a string variable. I wasn't able to do this.

      #1 I haven't found a way to store the file content of an existing document variable into a string variable. Is this possible?

      #2 I tried using the "Read String" service to read the contents from the file and store them into a string variable. Should be pretty straight forward, right? Turns out the process would just hang when trying to read the file into a string. I then tried changing the output variable from type 'string' to type 'document' and whammo, it worked. The variable logger showed the correct file contents. So it appears that "Read String" and "Read Document" do the exact same thing; read a file into a *document* variable! So now I'm stuck with issue #1 again...

      Any suggestions? I have version 8.0.1 of LiveCycle installed.