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    Insert a DB record and receive the Record ID

      Hi !

      I'm trying to populate a DB (two tables) based
      on the classic master/detail approach.

      These steps represent what I would like to achieve :
      1) add the master record and get the corresponding primary key
      2) add multiple records in another table using the Master Prim.key

      That seems to be so simple,
      but I have no idea how to get the Master PrimaryKey.

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          Steve Bishop Level 2
          You can't get a result back from the standard database call. If there is another unique field, you could query again based on that. I needed something with one child record. I did the whole thing in a PL/SQL block passing all the parameters to one call.

          To get a value back from a call, look at this thread: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b7d6b1/3