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    Custom component deployment

      I would like to develop a component that is common to all other component(s).
      So I developed a custom common component which points to a common jar (lib) file, idea is that if I changed the jar and redeploy the common component then all dependent component should get the latest change without undeploy/deploying all of them. I also have some utility classes inside common component ( so there could be dynamic changes to these utility classes or to common lib jar and all other will get updates at once) this approach seem to work sometime but not always sometime it works after server restart or by undeply/deploy all components (which is not good idea), I am not able to figure out why exactly this is happening is it classpath loading? any idea?

      How to get Datasource inside custom component? I tried but got exceptions not able to get the DataSource ( i tried both with and without java: prefix) ( Note: I see the DataSource is being used inside JDBC component)

      I think Adobe should opensource the components part of LCES to make community understand them and develop more usable component(s) which will help all including Adobe