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    Events + Message Data Templates

    The Flex Viking Level 1
      I have defined my own versions of the events TaskCreated and TaskComplete in which I specify the XSD Event Message Template so that I can pass "complex" information.

      In my event thrower, I ...
      * setup an event data map to pass my process instance id
      * provide an xml variable as the event message data.

      In my event receiver, I have my process data map set up with 3 values.
      * assign the process instance id passed in the event data map to a local variable
      * assign a particular string element in my event message data (xml) to a local variable.

      These both work.

      What doesn't work is assigning the entire event message data (xml) to a local process variable of type xml. My local xml process variable is always null.

      I don't understand how I can map a single value from within the xml, but I cannot map the entire xml.

      Any thoughts?