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    LCA question

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      Is there any way to get the source / code(java and component.xml) for the running custom DSC component?
      LCA does not appear to do this, this will help to know which DSC custom code is running / deployed or what exact code difference between two versions the process?
      When DSC is deployed the component (classes,lib and resources etc.) get placed inside database right? If yes we can also add the source while deploying and get the source any point later right?
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          The LCA will export any custom components your process is using.

          When they are installed they are stored in the database.

          The custom components are essentially jar files and it's up to the developer the include or not include to source of their classes when they create the jar file.

          LiveCycle just need to make sure it can run the component. It doesn't care about the source files.

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            Thank you it worked as suggested by you.

            Tips: deploy the custom component with its source and use it in some process.
            In LiveCycle WorkBench File> Create LiveCycle Archive> selected local file> selected the process which has custom component
            > Finish.

            After export is done, extract the exported lca file (with winzip) and also extracted the custom component within it (I renamed first them as zip) which had the needed source code.