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    Prepopulating a form in workspace via webservice call

    Clookes Level 1

      I am having problem prepopulating forms when user launches a process (form).

      This is what I want:
      1. user logs on to the workspace
      2. user browse for the form they want to submit
      3. user clicks on the form
      4. form renders with pre-populated information (address/city/phone/etc) associated with the user that's logged on.
      5. users fills out the rest of the form, then submit, done.

      I got the render service working, which applies reader extension and renders to the workspace. It uses a the xfaform in the main process which uses the render service mentioned.

      I also got the userslookup (ldap) process made up it should work as I have tested using the following URL, http://tsdapp13:9080/soap/services/user_lookup?wsdl, and also properly mapped.

      However when I open the form, it doesn't seem like it wants to populate the fields that I set to prepopulate.

      Any ideas?