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    Route the task to the right person in Workbench

    Han Dao Level 1

      I am working on the process that need to check if the Form Filler is not the 1st person in the list, then the form is forward to that 1st person (Form Submitter) so he/she then submit it to the supervisor to get an approval. And if the Form Filler is the person whose name is 1st one in the list then he/she can initiate or submit the form to the supervisor (as he/she act as Form Filler and Form Submitter) to get an approval. I used the SetValue service for the checking, the User service for Form Submitter, and another User for the Supervisor then use the xpath for the condition like (../process_data/@login_id != /process_data/@str_NtwkID) for routing to the Form Submitter for submitting and (../process_data/@login_id = /process_data/@str_NtwkID) to submit the form to the Supervisor but it does not work.

      Am I missing anything here? Or is there a better way to do this kind of process? I would appreciate any help here!

      Thanks much in advance.
      Han Dao