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      I am making a process for prefilling a form which is taking xml and pdf as an input. Mapped xml with a document to convert xml. Next operation is import data and last operation is renderPDFForm.

      In this process, when I am giving xml input, in the next step the the same variable is shown as empty.

      Please help me out in fixing this problem.

      Thanks and Regards,
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          "I am making a process for prefilling a form which is taking xml and pdf as an input"
          So far so good.

          "Mapped xml with a document to convert xml"
          I don't understand what you mean here.

          "Next operation is import data"
          Import the data into what?

          "and last operation is renderPDFForm"
          That's fine.

          Let me know.

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            I'm guessing that you are trying to pre-fill some of the fields on a Form using XML data as imput and then render an interactive PDF so that the end user can enter more data?

            If so, I have done that using just one step with service = FormsService and service name = renderPDFForm. In my case I have 2 input variables InputFormName (we use this same process for multiple forms, hence the form name) as a string and InXML as XML.
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              AmbikaM Level 1
              Thanks, Jasmin n Tom for replying...

              My problem is solved. I figured out my mistake.

              Jasmin- "Mapped xml with a document to convert xml"- I was taking dis step to convert an xml into com.adobe.idp.Document object.
              "Next operation is import data"- It was a mistake to use dis step,i skipped it.

              Tom- Its the same scenario for pre-filling and I did it in the same manner as you have mentioned.

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                AmbikaM Level 1

                I made the process for prefilling but case this time is bit different, I am getting customerId and form URL as an input. Using this customerId, I fired query to the database and extracted the information in an xml and then merged with the form.

                Hereby, my question is, when I get output from DB in an xml. I need to provide xml information and mapping with database column. Is there any operation in which the xml definition is created during run-time depending on the form xsd?

                Please, help me out in this. With this approach my process is form dependent.

                Thanks and Regards,
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                  pguerett Level 6
                  You cannot do that definition at runtime ... the bindings cannot be dynamic they must be set wen the xdp is created.