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    W3c variable

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      Hi, <br /><br />I create a component with a xml variable in input parameter.<br /><br />In this component, I evaluate some nodes.<br /><br />The xml schema of the xml variable looks like this : <br /><br /><RootNode><br />    <mstns:Block1 xmlns:mstns="http://tempuri.org/XMLSchema.xsd"><br />        <mstns:NumDossier>125</mstns:NumDossier><br />        <mstns:Editeur/><br />        <mstns:NomAppli>applica</mstns:NomAppli><br />        <mstns:NumVersion/><br />        <mstns:NumRelease>0</mstns:NumRelease><br />        <mstns:DescFonct/><br />        <mstns:FreqMaj/><br />    </mstns:Block1><br /><...><br /></RootNode><br /><br />In my java class, I use : <br /><br />NodeList nl = (NodeList)evaluerDOM(dom,"//block1/*",NODE);<br /><br />to retrieve all the node under block1.<br /><br />When I test it in eclipse on an xml file. There is no problem.<br /><br />When I test it in my Livecycle process on an xml variable. There is no problem if the node "DescFonct" is full otherwise I can't retrieve the other nodes.<br /><br />I don't understand why this node is an issue in LC and not in eclipse. I don't see anything wrong with this node, it this like the other.<br /><br />Thanks for your help.