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    DDX file and mapping in Workbench

      I have searched everywhere to find an example or directions on how a DDX file should be assembled, and how I do the mapping in Workbench. I want to combine the content of different PDF files into one PDF file.
      I know this can be done via the assembler using a DDX file.

      The input PDF files are dynamic. So do I use a variable in the Input Document Map? What kind of variable does this need to be, and how do I get the data in it?
      Or do I need to use a literal value? If so, what has to be in the DDX keys and selected key values?

      All help appreciated!
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          hi<br />This is easy. Create a simple ddx as follows <br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br /><DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/"><br /><PDF result="Final.pdf"><br />     <PDF source="FirstPDF.pdf"/><br />               <br />     <br /></PDF><br /></DDX><br />Create a variable called listOfDocuments. This should of type list, sub type documents. Add the input pdf documents into the list of document<br />Then in the assembler component provide the DDX and in the assembler map create a key called FirstPDF.pdf and the value for the key should be the listOfDocuments.<br />Then create a variable of type AssemblerResult, this stores the outof assembler operation. you extract the assembler document out of the assemblerResult by using a xpath expression /process_data/assemblerResult/documents[@id="Final.pdf"]<br />Hope this helps,if not e-mail me mergeandfuse@gmail.com