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    Set a form value in a signed form.

      I have a form that needs to be filled out and signed, but there is a document id that needs to be set after the document is signed. I set up a form with a sign button that excludes the document id from signature. I can manually sign the document and then enter the document id with no problem. However I want to programmatically assign the document id with LiveCycle after the form is submitted.

      My current thoughts are that you can covert the PDF to an XDP, edit the XDP, and then covert the document back to a PDF. Ive tried converting the PDF to XDP and back to PDF and the signature remains valid. The problem is that I cant edit the XDP in LiveCycle. The PDF to XDP outputs a document type variable. I managed to get the document id populated by converting the PDF to XDP and then assigning the XPD to an XML variable. Once I get the data into the XML I can use an xpath statement to edit the variable. I then set the XML back to a XDP and then convert back to a PDF, but the signature breaks when I do this. Even if I dont edit the data the XDP to XML seems to break the signature.

      Does anyone know another way to set a value in a PDF or has anyone solved a similar issue a different way?